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Welche Werkzeuge gibt es für das alte Btrieve Format?

Btrieve development tools

Folgende Tools finden Sie auf der Seite:

This page has list of development tools that I know about. If it's shareware or freeware and I have it, you can also download the stuff here. If I have used the thing myself (or anyone else has used it and has sent me a review), I'll try to describe the thing.

Unfortunately, I don't always have the latest versions of stuff, so if you happen to have newer version or have something that I don't have at all, please send it to


Generic developer tools


    Windows tool for manipulating Btrieve files (search/replace, import/export, index creation etc.).
    Created by Nelson Software Solutions.
    Command-line DDF file builder/manager. Has it's own file description language and lots of unique features.
  • BTFILER v1.42 v1.45 v1.5c
    Allows you to browse, edit, delete and add records; pack, clone, copy, create, test and rebuild Btrieve files. Has advanced recovery features, optimum page size calculator. Allows to add and drop supplemental keys and create empty files using ASCII description files. Also has ASCII export/import ability. A definite must-have for every developer.
    Btviewer is just like Btfiler, but uses DDF files to figure out record layout (and does not work if you don't have DDF's). It can do special functions that btfiler can, but it can browse and edit record data in field-formatted form. It can also join records from two separate files based on field in primary file and index in secondary file (eiher matching or non-matching records).
  • BLB
    An utility to Create BTB files (that Btfiler can use to create Btrieve files) from existing Btrieve files.
  • BTUTIL v1.11B v1.20A
    Btrieve file import/export and data recovery tool. Recovers data from damaged Btrieve file to clone of the damaged file.
    This program can read (but not create) DDF files and print out the record layout and stuff. I was not able to get it to do anything useful (except optimum page size calculation), but it was probably because I had ill-formed DDF files which I tried to play with.
  • BTRV
    This program is basically a nice Turbo Vision interface for Btrieve functions (sorta like BTI's function executor). Seems to be working OK.
    A collection of DOS Btrieve tools, most notably BDEBUG. BDEBUG is a TSR that traps Btrieve calls and displays the results, parameters and key/record data for each call - I would not imagine debugging Btrieve apps without it. There is a SIM utility which is like BTI's Btrieve function executor as well.
  • BERR
    Command line utility to dechiper Btrieve status codes into human-readable explanations.
  • BU
    BU is another (partial) replacement for Novell's BUTIL.
    DDFMAKE consists two command-line utilities called DDFFILE and DDFFIELD which create FIELD.DDF and FILE.DDF files from ASCII description files. Unfortunately it cannot create INDEX.DDF.
    Seems to be a file repair/statistics utility with pretty user interface. 30-day trial version.
  • BTNG
    Norton Guide format manual for Btrieve API (only covers Btrieve 4.10 unfortunately).
    This is crippled copy of BTEDIT 1.18, another Btrieve file browser. Has export/import, clone and other options as well.
    Btrcreate is a nice full-screen program for managing and creating DDF files. Crippleware. You have to register it to actually do anything useful. Doh.
    Contains 3 little utilities BACTIVE, BRESET and BUNLOAD. First one returns errorlevel 1 if Btrieve is loaded, others should be obvious by the name.
    Another Btrieve file viewer & copy/create utlity.
  • BFIX06
    Strange Btrieve data recovery program which allows you to reassemble btrieve data files that have been splitted into small fragments (ie. results of VREPAIR or CHKDSK). It's written for Btrieve 4.10 files, so it's use is quite limited today but here it is anyway.
  • BBUG
    bBug is another TSR for intercepting Btrieve calls. Does just what Novell's Bdebug does, but has no way to turn it off or resize the window to which the information is displayed. More than that, doc's say that it's demo version but say nothing about what you gen when you register. Go figure.
  • DDF
    DDF file descriptions and templates.



  • Btrieve Access Toolbox
    TC and MSC libraries and include files for Btrieve interface.
    A sample C code to demonstrate Btrieve UNIXWARE requester.
    Simple Btrieve log analyzer, good starting point for your own log tools. This one was sent to me by Andrey Gusev from Krasnoyarsk, Russia.



  • bFAST
    C++ class library and include files for Btrieve file manipulation. Has user manual. Not used it, but seems to be fairly rudimentary.
  • BLOGIN BLOGIN.EXE is a tiny 16-Bit Btrieve Server app. The BTRCALL function in the 32-Bit app looks for BLOGIN, after which communication takes place using SendMessage and the clipboard. There is a CPP source which you include into your project and call BTRCALL in that, instead of WBTRCALL.DLL.
    This is a source code for remote Btrieve Reset utility accompanied by the source for class library for Btrieve access.
    Another class library for Btrieve (LIB and H only).
  • BTCL2C
    Another class library with include files. This one needs BTI developers toolkit as well.
    MFC specific Class library, nagware.
  • BTC20
    John C. Leon's C++ library with docs and source (Borland C++ 3.x), has easy file creation and cloning functions.

Turbo Pascal


  • BTP - The Btrieve unit for BP7 v2.5 v2.0 v1.6
    Contains TPU (with source) of OO interface to Btrieve, some utilities and example program sources.
    PAS source for a wrapper for WBTRCALL.DLL functions which makes calling DLL functions look like DOS Btrieve calls on the source level.
  • BTV v1.50 v2.00
    BTV is a BP interface to Btrieve functions (source code). It provides a encapsulation of Btrieve interface which looks the same for programmer under DOS, protected mode DOS and MS-Windows. Has documentation and example code.
    Another rudimentary Btrieve interface for both DOS and Windows.



    Native Btrieve components for Delphi.
    Btrieve wrapper unit with examples.



    An OS/2 DLL which provides Btrieve interface for REXX scripts (example included).

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